Mommy & Me Series:  What is the LOC Method?

Mommy & Me Series: What is the LOC Method?

Jessica Spence Mommy & Me Series:  What is the LOC Method?

With the kids home and time on our hands, we couldn’t think of a better opportunity to get to know how to care for our babies hair. Let’s talk about moisturizing today and the LOC Method.

What is the LOC Method?

The Liquid Oil Cream Method consists of three products that are used in combination to reduce damage, increase elasticity and improve the overall feel and look of your hair. THe LOC is simply an acronym to help you remember the order in which to apply your products. No different from the acronyms our teachers in school would help us create for memory. 

Keeping our hair moisturized, even while the kiddies are at home is mandatory for healthy, luscious locks. THe LOC method is different from other regimens because it has already taken into consideration how to combine products to maximize moisture retention. 

The Liquid in the method generally refers to a water-based product like a leave in conditioner or a spray. These textures can range from watery to foamy or even lightweight pudding or jel. 

The Oil is a bit more straightforward and is exactly what it says - an oil. The purpose of the oil is to coat the hair shaft to prevent the moisture that you’re trying to lock in from escaping. A cream will do a similar job but that’s the last step of the method. Castor and olive oil tend to be fair well for high porosity hair with Grapeseed and Jojoba as an alternative for neutral porosity hair. 

The Cream of the method is the final step where you apply a butter-based creamy moisturizer to close the cuticle. The cream you choose may help with definition and hold as well but it’s important to note that this C may not actually be a cream. You just want to use a product that can act as a moisture sealant as the final step to your moisturizing method. 

With the kids at home and not too much to do, a low manipulation style would be ideal with a silk bonnet. Something quick like two-strand twists would be perfect! 


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